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Unearthing the unexpected.

Casino Mine Ranch is an estate vineyard located in the Sierra foothills of Amador County. The winery - a century old ranch that was once mined for gold - is owned and managed by fourth-generation California brothers, Jim and Rich Merryman.

The vineyard is planted and farmed to best harness the potential of the site, through thoughtfully selected grape varietals.

In keeping with the family’s pioneering spirit, the Merryman’s partnered with the highly acclaimed winemaking team of Andy Erickson and Jessica Tarpy who share a passion for great wines from special sites. Together with their commitment to hard work, connection to the land, and passion to produce the best wine possible they are pursuing a legacy that honors the history, family, and the land.

“This project is personal – having both a longstanding friendship with the family and a deep connection to the land. It’s a place that has captured my interest and curiosity for many years.”
–Andy Erickson, Consulting Winemaker

“I’ve always felt a strong affinity for Amador and its burgeoning spirit. I feel honored to work with this wonderful family on this historic site with such an eclectic, delectable collection of varietals.”
–Jessica Tarpy, Winemaker